What is Indian Golf Union?

The Indian Golf Union (IGU) is the apex body of golf in the country with primary objective of promotion and development of golf in India duly approved by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

How do I become Life Associate member of the IGU ?

The membership of the IGU is open to any Indian citizen subject to him being a golfer. The membership form can be down loaded from the IGU website.

What is the fee structure to become the member?

The fee structure to become life member of the IGU is as under:-

A) Life Associate Membership - Member of an IGU affiliated Club - Rs. 11,450
B) Life Associate Membership - Not a member of an IGU affiliated Club - Rs. 17,175
C) Life Associate Membership - Defense Personal (Serving/Retired) - Rs. 5,725
Note : Defense Personnal must provide Service No. (and Date of Retirement, if applicable) to be eligible.
D) Junior Associate Membership- (MembershipValid till individual attains age of 18 years) Rs. 5,725
E) Annual Associate Membership- For Foreign Nationals/ NRI’s Rs. 5,725

What does the life membership entail?

This membership is basically for the golfers who travel out of their permanent location and would like to play golf at various location. This membership facilitates you to play at the affiliated golf courses of the IGU without the necessity of introduction by member of the club on payment of valid green fee. The club may restrict number of rounds that a life member of the IGU could play on the course.

Do I get discount on the green fee as life member?

The IGU has requested the golf clubs to consider granting 25% discount on the green fee but it is the prerogative of the club to offer the discount and IGU cannot insist on it.

What are the IGU tour that an amateur can Participate in?

The IGU runs the following National Tours:-
a. Men’s Amateur Tour
b. Junior Boys & Girls tour
c. Ladies tour
d. Senior Amateur for age group 55 and above and Mid amateur for age group 30 & above till 54 years of age.
e. Sub Junior & Feeder Tour.

How do I access entry forms and other information on the IGU tournaments

click here to view information on the IGU tournaments and entry forms